the nominees for the liebster award are..

Hello there,

I was nominated by Amelia Rosales for the liebster award. I had to pick 11 of my favourite bloggers with less then 200 followers and then ask them the 11 questions that I had answered.

My nominations are -

Ariana- ridingintowncarswithboys

And the questions will are:

1) What do you like the most about blogging?

2) What is your favorite topic to talk about?

3) Why did you choose the name of your blog?

4) What's your favourite TV series?

5) In which place would you love to live in?

6) Which is your favorite fashion blog, and why?

7) What's your favorite color?

8) If you could be a superhero, which would be your name?

9) Who's your favorite designer?

10) What is your favourite quote?

11) What are your blogging plans for 2013?

If you click on this link you will see my answers!
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nat xxx


liebster award answers

These are my answers for the liebster awards.
I was nominated by Ameila Rosales and Natalie (<<take a look at their blogs)

1. Why did you start your blog?
I started my blog about a year ago now, the reason being I bought a lot of things in the sale and wanted to tell people about it! I don't have a hobby as such, so this was something to do.

2. What is your favorite topic to write about?
Probably clothes. Although now I am moving into my own place, I would like to blog about house things. It may not go down as well as beauty and fashionable things.. (watch this space)

3. Who is your favourite designer?
I am really not into expensive fashion labels. I shop in highstreet shops - Topshop, River Island and Warehouse being my favourites!

4. Where is your favourite travel destination?
I haven't been but the one place I want to go is New York. My favourite holiday destination so far has been Turkey.

5. What is your favorite trend?
Peplum has been my favourite trend of 2012. It is flattering on everybody. Burgandy has also been huge and its a gorgeous colour.

6. What actress would you choose to play you in a movie about your life?
I would choose Anne Hathaway. I think she is an amazing actress and seems really down to earth. She is beautiful!

7. What are your goals with your blog?
I love writing blogs, so I would like to write about lifestyle. It would be nice to do something slightly differant. I think people can relate to lifestyle blogs.
8.What are your new years resolutions for 2013?
I would like to save more money, even if it is only £1 a week. I waste my money on such rubbish. I would also like to start running. I really would..
9. Do you have any pets?
As I live at home my parents have two dogs. A four year old black labrador called Ozzy & a 2 year old german shephard called Pippa. Ryan and I have a bearded dragon together called Dwayne. He is so cute!

10. What is your favourite memory of 2012?
Probably qualifing as a Hairdresser. It seemed to just go on for ages as I had problems with the college I went too. But now I am fully qualified the skys the limit!
11. What advice would you give to a new blogger?
Write things that interest you, not what you think others are interested in. Enjoy it andt ake your time writing. Photos are a brilliant way to show what you are talking about.
Thank you so much to all of my new followers. Never did I think when I started would I have nearly 60 people following and watching my blog! I hope that 2013 brings you what you wish for. 2013 is going to be a big year for me. Time to grow up and be independant :)
2013 make it your year
Love nat


Get to know me tag

Hello there!

As I have only written a few blogs I thought about doing a tag. This way maybe some people who read all of my blogs will get to know me a little bit better. I haven't ever done one of these and found it quite fun! Since writing my last two blogs over christmas I have gained a few more followers. Thank you ever so much, it means a lot knowing people read little old me rambling on and on.

So lets get going!
13 tag questions for 2013 

1. What do you order at Starbucks?
I don't very often go to starbucks. In the town where I go to shop they only have a Costa coffee. So I usually have a hazelnut/caramel latte. But back in October from Starbucks I had one of there special Pumpkin Spice Latte. IT WAS AMAZING. I wish all the limited edition flavours they bring out they would keep. SO SO yum!

2. What's one thing in your wardrobe that you cannot live without?
This is a tricky one.. I think possibly my denim jacket/shirt. I can wear it all year round with lots of outfits. In the spring I would layer it over tops. Summer I would wear it as a jacket over my maxi dresses etc. Autumn I would wear it with my favourite colours for that time of year - burgandys purples coppers.Winter I again layer with snoods, tops, skirts etc. 

3. Where is your favourite place?
London! I tend to go about 5x a year. My mum was the one person who made me fall in love with the city. Every time I go there you discover something new - See a new sight - Walk into a new shop
4. Name one thing that you want to do before you die
 Travel more. I know that isn't one thing inparticular, but I would love to go to New York, Australia and Croatia.
5. What's one food that you cannot live without?
Chilli sauce.. The mild one. I know its not really a food. But I literally have it with every meal.., I would have it with my breakfast if I could. (not at all weird) 
6. Where were you born?
Oxford, England. 
7. What is your favourite season/time of the year?
Autumn! Probably because its my birthday in November. But it just generally is a beautiful time of year. Its not cold but not warm, the leaves are all changing colours and christmas is on its way!
8. What's your number one most listened to song on iTunes?
I just looked - Ellie Goulding - Your song. This is news to me, I do like the song. But I often put it on shuffle and i think it must get picked quite a lot. My favourite song at this moment in time is Impossible - James Arthur.
9. Furthest you have been away from home
My holiday to turkey with my boyfriend in May 2012. I loved it!
10. Favorite number
I don't have one. Probably 3 which is strange. I like how things look in three's.
11. Two hobbies
Blogging - Even though I have only been blogging for 6 months or so I find it really interesting reading others. When I find insperation for a blog I get really excited. 
Hairdressing - I always knew I wanted to be a hairdresser. So now that I am I enjoy going to work everyday.
12. Favourite perfume 
I have two. (thats cheating right?) 
Hugo Boss Orange - I was bought this three years ago for christmas. At first I really wasn't sure. But each time I smelt I loved it that bit more. It's a unusual smell but one of my favourites.
Calvin Klein Euphoria - My mum had this when I was about 14 in a little tester pot. I have loved it since then. I only ever wear it on special occasions.
13. Favourite highstreet shop 
Oooooh. Now this is difficult. I will have to pick two.. Topshop and River Island!!! 

Thank you for reading these questions!
If you like why don't you do this tag and let your followers get to know you a little better.



12 Favourite items from 2012

Hello there,
Looking back at 2012 the last couple of days, I decided I would collect 12 things that were my favourite buys from the year.

1 - Favourite day bag

I bought this bag on my birthday in November in Brighton. It was from Debenhams - Dune. It was in the sale reduced from £80 to £45. I had been looking for that perfect tan bag literally the whole year! It's a great size with lots of differant compartments.
The link below is the closest match I could find the bag :


2 - Favourite Knitted Jumper or Cardigan

My favourite knitted item was my Cardigan from Miss Selfridge. I bought this the week before Christmas. It's lovely and thick, and a great length. Not too long, or too short. It was £39. The photo on the website looks like the colour on the pattern is a burgandy red, its more a purpley red!
This is the link to the same cardigan:

3 - Favourite evening top

This is my favourite evening top from 2012. I bought it in New Look in Brighton back in November. It was £18.99. I love the detail on the collar. The colour seems to go with pretty much anything. Its slightly longer at the back which is really flattering.
Here is a link to a similar top around the same price range :

4 - Favourite Jeans

My favourite jeans from 2012 are my Topshop Leigh Skinny Jeans. I bought these for a party back in September. They featured in one of my previous posts.. They just seem to fit me really well and are so versatile. Here is a link to the closest match I could find as they no longer sell the same ones :

5 - Favourite Dress

My favourite dress from 2012 is a gorgeous blue bodycon midi dress. It's a beautiful navy blue, which isn't a colour I would normally choose. The shoulders have silvery bead detail. It is from River Island. I would usually wear my favourite glittery shoes with it.
I love the way the dress hangs, with it slightly up at the front it allows you to walk a lot easier.

The shoes that go with this dress were from Topshop. 





6 - Favourite item I thought I would never buy

For ages I thought about buying Converses. I thought they were quite expensive for what they were. I am now wearing them more and more! I would love them in the burgandy colour now.

7 - Favourite boots

My favourite boots from 2012 were from Primark. They are black with silver studs on the back. The heel is a good boost to your height. They are so so comfy! I found a simular pair of boots on Asos. -




8 - Favourite coat

My favourite coat from 2012 is my Vera Moda black duffle coat with my faux fur collar. It was £45 and I got it in January. It is so warm and a good length. I think it is a coat that will be timeless.


9 - Favourite day top

This top I got recently from Topshop for a meal out. It's peplum which is really in at the moment. It is in a gorgeous burgandy colour. It was £35 at the time. At the moment on the topshop website it is £18 in the colour navy. Here is the link -[330510|208527]&noOfRefinements=1

10 - Favourite evening bag

This bag from River Island was my favourite in 2012 to use when I went out in the evening. Its a smaller size. It's a beautiful nude/peach colour with gold detail buckles. When I bought it in the summer it was £28. I found one simular on the River Island website now for £25. -

11 - Favourite make up

In 2012 I suffered with bad skin. I tried lots of differant foundations/concealers/powder combinations. I bought and tried a very expensive foundation from Clinique. This made my skin worse. My favourite make up item from 2012 was Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Shade 103 True Ivory. I hope that it continues to work well with my skin! If you haven't tried it! Please do! For £8.99 how can you go wrong?

12 - Favourite skin care

I have already written a blog on my favourite skin care product, which is - Crystal Clear Soothing Cleansing Gel. To read my blog post please click on this link below -
That completes my 12 top items from 2012. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and am looking forward to what fashion and beauty brings for us all in 2013.
Thanks for reading,

Happy New Year! + Very late what I got for Christmas!

Hello there,

Happy New Year! I hope 2013 brings you everything you wish for!

I am now a fully qualified stylist! I qualified in November 2012. It seemed like a very long time coming. Thinking about my future as a hairdresser the possibilities are endless! I think I would like to go on a course for Extensions and Wigs!

Here is a few little pictures of the presents that I got from my friends and family and Ryan at Christmas.

My favourite present was my Ted Baker purse from Ryan. It was a total surprise as I completly forgot about asking for a purse. It is leopard print which of course is my absolute favourite! Its just gorgeous and I'm a little scared to put it down incase I ruin it.

I usually ask for a specific perfume but this year didn't. Ryan is brilliant at choosing perfumes for me. He got my Giorgio Armani - Armani Code. It is a beautiful smell, not overpowering but long lasting. I can still smell it on me throughout the day. He got me the 50ml and also the small handbag size.

I had a few months ago seen the leopard print love links charm. It was sparkly, and as I love leopard print was just perfect! My lovelinks bracelet is mostly pinks and silver, but being leopard print I just had to have it! This was another well thought about present from Ryan.

 Ryan's mum bought me a Ted Baker make up set. I've unpacked what was inside so that's why I only took a photo of the items I bought outside of it. I have used the Kohl eyeliner and bronzer that came with it. They are both brilliant. I am using the box that the make-up came in to hold all of my nail varnishes and eyelashes.

Being a hairdresser at my salon we were selling the limited edition GHD's. Everyday they were on our shelf I would want them more and more! Christmas eve the gold ones hadn't sold. So I decided to buy them. With staff discount of course ;) I had the previous year had the Scarlett Deluxe set bought for me by Ryan. There was nothing wrong with the scarlet pair, I just thought I couldn't resist these. As my scarlet pair are over a year old now, they aren't as hot as they used to be. So I tend to use my new gold pair for curling etc.

I am a massive disney film fan. I have most of them but for ages couldn't find it. My mum and dad got me Cinderella on dvd + White Chicks. My favourite ridiculous comedy.

These were mostly the interesting presents that I got. As I am moving out in a matter of weeks, most of my family bought me things of use. For example; Glasses, Mugs, Towels and Kitchen Utensils. So when I have moved out into my little house I will do a blog on all my favourite house things!

My new years resolutions are
1. To do more exercise
2. To blog more
3. To do an hair extension course
4. To save for New York 2014

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a happy new year..
I will be blogging about moving house as much as possible.

Love Nat


From watching a few youtubers and reading milkbubbleteax's blog these are the two things that I want to purchase this month -
Red Velvet Yankee Candle - After I saw it on LoveLaughandMakeup youtube channel.
Stich Mug - After I saw the cutest photo on milkbubbletea's blog! Awwwh