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I've been really busy with my hairdressing the last couple of months. Hence why I havent been writing blogs. I'm qualifiying in November this year, so there isn't long to go! Which is really scary knowing I'l be out in the big wide world on my own..

 It has been absolutly ages since I've written a blog.. So I thought I would start again. Plus I have really wanted to write a honest review on the Hollywood Eyelash Extensions

For the past couple of months I have been getting the Hollywood Eyelash Extensions as I was completly fed up of having to put the strip eyelashes on everyday. It was about two years ago that I started wearing the strip eyelashes, its not that I didnt like my own eyelashes at the time. I was fed up of having to put 3-4 coats of mascara on my eyelashes everyday. I also HATED taking it off, it would always smudge, never come off etc. So I decided to start wearing the strip eyelashes. It was fine for the first couple of months, but after that I noticed my own eyelashes had gone very short and weak. I took a break from the strip eyelashes in the hopes that my own would grow back. But they didn't.

My eyelashes before I started wearing the false eyelashes -^
So I decided to look into the Semi Permanent Eyelashes.. There were two options -
  • The indvidual lashes for the natural look
  • The Hollywood eyelash extensions for a fuller look
I thought about both of the options as it was quite a lot of money for both. The only problem I would've had with the individual lashes is that I didn't have that many to start with.. I had also seen lots of youtube videos and reviews on the awful spidery look some people had got from the individuals. So I made the decision to go with the Hollywood Eyelash Extensions.

A friend who I go to college with works at a salon where they did the eyelashes, she was able to give me a little infomation about them. After a few weeks of debating whether to or not I booked an appointment. I was curious about what it would be like, as I'm not too keen on anybody else doing my make-up (probably weird I know but..) I was also scared of not liking them and not being able to really do anything about it.

I was offered to have a skin test, but I didnt feel like I needed to as I had used a simular glue for years before. But ;
I would say that if you do have any allergies to make-up or glue to definitely have one + Always better to be safe then sorry

Before I laid down to have the eyelashes done, I was asked how I would like them - I had brought a picture with me, which I would suggest you do. So then nobody can get confused. I had this photo >
They were slightly longer on the outer lashes, giving the curl effect.

The treatment itself was really relaxing. I laid down on a bed and the beautician placed tape on my bottom eyelashes. That felt a little strange but as soon as my eyes were closed it was fine. For the next 35-40mins, I hardly felt a thing. I actually almost fell asleep! She explained to me that I musn't get the eyelashes wet for the next 2 hours to make sure that the glue was 100% set. When she had finished she removed the tape from my bottom eyelashes, I was excited to see the result. Looking in the mirror I was so pleased, they were exactly how I wanted them.

 I booked an appointment for 2 and a half weeks later, just for infills.

Over the two weeks, the eyelashes were AMAZING. I could wake up in the morning knowing that my eyelashes were all ready. I got so many compliments about them, where as with my strip eyelashes people would always say how they were very OTT. I knew that I could wake up when I was with my boyfriend looking half decent! Not giving him a fright with my bald eyeballs haha! When I went back for my infills they literally took 20mins max, I just had a few re-glued. I honestly dont know what I would of done without them now!
The only thing that I have had to be careful about is the fact i sleep on my right side, so I have had to change every other night to make sure I dont bend them.

Hollywood Eyelashes Pro's
  • You can wake up in the morning knowing your eyes are ready. No faffing about with glue and strip eyelashes.
  • Beautiful natural looking eyelashes 24/7
  • No messing about with eye make up remover
  • No panda eyes
  • Fluttering them to get things you want
  • Plenty of compliments ;)

Hollywood Eyelashes Con's (There aren't many, but there are a few things that I thought of)
  • No good if you like being able to remove strip eyelashes at the end of the day
  • No good If you constantly rub your eyes
  • No good if the first thing you do is get in the shower and put your head under the water
  • No good if you go swimming a lot (They can withstand some water, but for those divers out there!)
  • No good if you sleep on your front, as you may wake up with them attached to your eyebrows!
I also went on a 11 day holiday to turkey with tempuratures of 33 ° and I can 100% say that they stayed in place perfectly.  They withstood the heat and sea water. It was so nice to be able to wake up in the morning, put my bikini on and run down to the beach knowing I looked OK. I've been abroad before wearing the strip eyelashes and it was an absolute nightmare.. What with the heat, you would end up with one end curling up.. or even worse falling off completly!!

My boyfriend and I being mega cheesy on holiday!

I really hope this has helped just one person decide on whether or not to get these amazing eyelashes. If you feel I havent covered anything, please ask me..

Thanks for reading,
 Nat ♥
I also wanted to just add a quick photo of my 'puppy' Pippa. Who I mentioned in my first blog, when she was a tiny 8weeks old. She is now a huge beast!


  1. WOW, those lashes are gorgeous and long!!

    I'm currently holding a Giveaway on my Blog, it's Festival Inspired :) xx

  2. whoa, your eyelashes look amazing plus your turkey holiday seemed to be amazing :-)

  3. What size lashes do you have put on?

    1. Really sorry I didn't see this before. I had the longest ones you could here. Now I have medium as they are more manageable. xox

  4. Really helpful, set on getting them now! Thanks! :) x

  5. Hi they look lovely. I'm going to Egypt for two weeks do you think they would be ok as I will be swimming and snorkelling a lot? Xx

    1. Hello Michelle, you should be fine with them. Always start with the slightly shorter ones. If you are going snorkelling and swimming and you will be going underwater then just try and wear goggles. Also pat them dry with some tissue if you do get them soaked. Hope that helps xxx

  6. You must’ve been very happy after seeing the result. Your eyes look more expressive after putting those eyelashes. And the good thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about putting mascara to enhance your eyes anymore. Cheers!

    Glenn Lowe @ Knight and Sanders

  7. Hello,
    Oooo..these eyelashes are looking too amazing. I just loved it...
    semi permanent eyelashes


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