Lorenzo's Christening ♥ Weekend away with the boyfriend

This weekend my boyfriend and I went to stay with his dad in Gloucester. We were there for his cousins son Lorenzo's christening. We had a five day break which was much needed! I just wanted to show you what I wore and what I bought in Primark in Cheltenham.

I'd had my outfit planned for about a month (I'm like that you see) I decided to stay quite simple as I didn't want to stick out! I bought a cream/peach dress from Asos- £45.00

When I bought it they did have it in a Cream, but they now only seem to do it in Black, Tomato or a pale blue colour. Its a really pretty dress, just above the knee, with a gorgeous gold sequined pattern around the waist.

 I wore a black blazer with it from Misguided- £22.99
It has little shoulder pads and was was well fitted. The only thing that annoyed me was that the clasp at the front kept undoing!

 They were SO comfy and I wore them literally all day! They have this really cute ruffled flower design to the front of the shoe. As I will most probably wear them again, unlike most of the others I buy.

This is the only picture that was taken where you can really see my outfit!
It was a really lovely day and it didnt rain! Which was a bonus, as I probably would of cried if I got my hair wet. As for my hair I just put two plaits in the front like I normally do. I wore only my owl earrings from Primark, and a few bangles. I wanted to keep it really simple. I also took my little briefcase that I got from Primark for £8.00. It kept all my bits and bobs in and I felt that it went well with the outfit.

This is a picture Ry took when we were about to go for a quick shopping spree in Gloucester. I'm wearing my £12 primark chunky winter cardigan! Its so snuggly..

Thanks for my 10 followers.. wasn't expecting 1! Let alone 10 :)
Happy girlie..


I also wanted to sneak a little photo of my puppy Pippa. She is getting bigger now.. and I know I mentioned her in my first blog so thought I should keep up to date with it.

& my dress was from Misguided if you wanted to know.


My brunette to blonde process ♥

Hi there!

Right... I think talking about this process will probably pain me.
But I suppose it could help some people if they were thinking of doing this.
Here are just a few photos of just how dark my hair was before I bleached it to death.
** Just to say I am a hairdresser and had everything I'm about to describe in a salon. I would not advise anybody to have this done over such a short period of time**

I had dark brown hair for around 7 months when I decided I missed being blonde. I didn't however think about the process you have to go through to achieve the perfect 'blonde' colour.

Excuse the faces we are pulling! But hopefully you can see just how dark it was.

My hair was in pretty good condition when I had the first step in lightening it. I work at a salon so I had my hair done after I finished work. (Which was pretty handy) First I had my whole head painted with bleach, it was left on for about 15mins, until we saw that it had lifted the first level of colour. My hair went a peculiar shade of orange. So the next day I had it done again! This lightened it more but it still had a very orange tone too it.

From two head fulls of bleach, I had to have my hair cut, it was very damaged on the ends. I then walked about with this orangey toned hair for a few days and then had a full head of highlights.
I had Colour Graphics which is a bleach with conditioner from Matrix. You can have different toners put into it and I had Spearmint, which softens red and orange tones.

After this it was slightly better but still was just a very strange colour.
I have over the past been every colour -Purple, Red, Black, Brown, Blonde. So it was no surprise that it took this long to get through all the different layers of colours.

I won't go on about the highlighting process because I had about four sets of highlights over 3-4 weeks. I had highlift bleach. After this I was told to leave my hair for a few weeks to let it recover. So I bought lots of deep conditioning treatments and put them on nearly everyday! My poor hair was probably screaming STOP by this point.

This was the colour of my hair after the bleach and highlights.

 It was a dirty blonde with orange and blonde tones throughout. I still wasn't happy and wanted to go blonder.

So I had around two toners put onto it... (Seperatly)
They were
ULM - Matrix Ultra Blonde Mocha
SPM - Colour Sync Sheer Pastel Mocha

After these we decided that the Ultra Blonde Mocha was the best one. So since then every 7-8 weeks I have a full head tint. Its left on for the full amount of time which is 35mins.

After about 3 and a half months I'm finally there! Its been a very long process, the number of times I just wanted to cry and buy a home kit, chuck a dark brown on top of my head and forget it. But Lauren and I (Lauren I work with) kept at it. It was a challenge for the both of us.

So thank you to Lauren for having patience with me.. As I did bloody moan and go on about it!

If anybody has any questions please ask.


ELF and Famous reviews ♥

Last pay day I decided I would try ELF make up.
I thought the price of the items was very reasonable and that I got a lot for the £20 that I paid.

Mod Mauve Nail Varnish £1.50p
With nail varnishes I usually stick to either Pinks or Reds. So I decided to get Mod Mauve. It is a lot darker in real life then in the pictures online, Its almost a maroon colour. I had to apply two coats, but overall was pretty happy. I'm shocking at painting nails but you can see the colour!

Eye Primer and Liner Seal £3.50p

I have recently started to wear a lot more brightly coloured eye shadows, and hate it when they smudge half way through the day. So this primer was brilliant! You put it onto your eyelid almost like a concealer. Then apply your desired colours onto it. I also found it easier to blend differant shades.

Black Waterproof Eyeliner Pen £1.50
This eyeliner pen is possibly the best eyeliner I have had yet. The thin pen is great to draw really thin lines with. It also stays looking fresh all day long! Normally black eyeliners can be wishy washy. This was really good compared to others!

Olive Duo Eyeshadow £1.50p
I don't ever use eyeshadows this colour. But thought I would try them! Very easy to blend and ELF have a huge range of different colours. I also love the name Olive haha!

Natural Beauty School Eyeshadow Palette £3.50p

I have a lot of brown and cream eye shadows. But none that were all together in one neat little palette. The colours are really neutral, you could use them singularly for the day time, or build them up for a evening look. The only thing I would say that lets this product down is the darkest brown, its almost black,  so you do have to be careful about how much you use.

Blossom Hypershine Lipgloss £1.50p
I normally don't wear lipgloss as I find they are very sticky and never seem to last. But this one was easy to apply, and stayed on for about two hours. I loved the colour too, it was very natural. You could also wear it over a lipstick. 

Warm Tan Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder  £1.50p
This was the only product out of everything that I didnt like. I'm a blusher person normally. But when I applied this onto my cheeks it just looked awful. It was far too dark! Maybe I just put too much on my brush or this isn't my colour, however.. I would say if your quite paled skinned, don't get this colour. This was a thumbs down for me!


Yesterday I went into Superdrug and came across the make up brand Famous. I hadn't heard of it before but it was all half price, so I picked up two things. A gorgeous Lipstick for £2.50p and a nail varnish for £2.00p.

I've yet to try the nail varnish, but I'm sure it will be lovely!
Its called Lovely Lilac - 33

The lipstick is called Pucker Up - Shade 5
Its a bright orangey red.

So that's it for now....
Thanks for anybody who reads this!!
Please comment if you too like ELF!



Here we go!


I decided recently to start writing a blog. I'm not too sure why because I don't know who would actually read this. But it seems a good place that you can write your feelings and views down at the end of a long day.

I also seem to have a bit of an obsession with Ebay and probably buy waaaay too much on there.
I'd like to review make up I buy and also some cute little jewellery that I just keep finding from cute little shops.

This June I started an Apprenticeship in Hairdressing. I am loving it! I had already worked as a Saturday girl for over a year at Hackers Hairdressers. So I knew this is what i wanted to do. I am doing my apprenticeship with Look Fantastic. Its such a good opportunity. Much better then college I think as your earning and learning.

I also recently went from very dark hair to barbie blonde! So I thought if people needed advice or just wanted to see the process I had to go through to get there that this could be a great place to do it.

Also about eight weeks ago I got a new puppy called Pippa. It would be a great place to see how she grows up.

Thanks for reading,
much love.
Nat xox