Lorenzo's Christening ♥ Weekend away with the boyfriend

This weekend my boyfriend and I went to stay with his dad in Gloucester. We were there for his cousins son Lorenzo's christening. We had a five day break which was much needed! I just wanted to show you what I wore and what I bought in Primark in Cheltenham.

I'd had my outfit planned for about a month (I'm like that you see) I decided to stay quite simple as I didn't want to stick out! I bought a cream/peach dress from Asos- £45.00

When I bought it they did have it in a Cream, but they now only seem to do it in Black, Tomato or a pale blue colour. Its a really pretty dress, just above the knee, with a gorgeous gold sequined pattern around the waist.

 I wore a black blazer with it from Misguided- £22.99
It has little shoulder pads and was was well fitted. The only thing that annoyed me was that the clasp at the front kept undoing!

 They were SO comfy and I wore them literally all day! They have this really cute ruffled flower design to the front of the shoe. As I will most probably wear them again, unlike most of the others I buy.

This is the only picture that was taken where you can really see my outfit!
It was a really lovely day and it didnt rain! Which was a bonus, as I probably would of cried if I got my hair wet. As for my hair I just put two plaits in the front like I normally do. I wore only my owl earrings from Primark, and a few bangles. I wanted to keep it really simple. I also took my little briefcase that I got from Primark for £8.00. It kept all my bits and bobs in and I felt that it went well with the outfit.

This is a picture Ry took when we were about to go for a quick shopping spree in Gloucester. I'm wearing my £12 primark chunky winter cardigan! Its so snuggly..

Thanks for my 10 followers.. wasn't expecting 1! Let alone 10 :)
Happy girlie..


I also wanted to sneak a little photo of my puppy Pippa. She is getting bigger now.. and I know I mentioned her in my first blog so thought I should keep up to date with it.

& my dress was from Misguided if you wanted to know.


  1. lovely dress on this post! very Kim Kardashian! and lovely scenery.
    i am now following your blog.!!

    I invite you to check out my blog. hope to see you there

  2. I am in LOOOVE with your style!!! I want your wardrobe haha and I'm an official follower of your awesome blog and cant wait to read more!!

    check my blog out sometime -


  3. wow you have a great style.. and i looove your braids!

    following you now :) can u follow me too?

    Kisses from mexico!

  4. I really like how you wore your hair for the christening, and your dress is gorgeous!xxx

  5. You look so gorgeous, and I am in love with your hair! :) x

  6. I feel like im just reaping a comment, and i guess you get this a lot but your hair is absolutely amazing. i wish I knew how to make a braid like that on my hair. (you should blog about it!)


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