Cheeky little buys.

I'm just awful at saving money.
I'm going away in 17days... (yes i'm counting down)
I've only gone and bought a few more things.. They were mostly in the sale ;)

I also went to salon international yesterday (monday 17th october) I'd never been, it was crazy. But I got some lovely little samples of morrocanoil and there gorgeous hairspray! I'm not the type of person to push to get things... So my friend and I went and got a cuppa tea, while the rest of my friends fought there way to get bits and bobs. Madness. Bit too stressful for me ;)

The first little thing that I bought was a river island purse that I have wanted for absolutly ages! Its black and got a retro sort of design on the front. Its got a really bright coral lining. The one thing that really drew me to buying this was the cute little gold clips, (that i nearly caught my nail in) This was £17.

As I was already in river island it was rude not to look through the sale rail! I picked up this cute pinky/cream blouse. It's got an adorable bow and is simple enough to wear for daytime.. Or dress it up for an evening look... It was only £15! Its also the perfect colour to go with the shoes I got from next!

On sunday I wanted to check out the new big next about 35mins drive away from me. It was mega busy, after all it had only been open for a few weeks. I picked up two pairs of shoes.. Both were a reasonable price and I knew that I would wear them quite a bit.

The first pair are tan ankle boots. I am on my feet all day long at the salon so these are great. I can say that they are mega comfy as I wore them to London monday! They have sweet little buckles, I normally wear them with grey or cream thick socks when its really cold. I would advise to buy a half a size bigger if you do want to wear big socks with them. £26

The second pair were nude heels. They are really comfortable! I was surprised as normally they really aren't. They are square at the front of the shoe which i really loved, I find them easy to walk in and they will go with anything! (Really bad photos sorry)

In my last blog a couple of people really loved the £15 dress from miso-republic. I tried to get a photo of me wearing it, but its all out of focus and awful! I'l be wearing it out for my 18th, thats if i dont buy something else.. which I most probably will!
I know they are really bad photos but you should be able to see what its like! I want to find a skinny belt to go round the waist.. I think it needs it... What do you all think?

Thank you to all my 29 followers :')
Its really lovely knowing people read all of this... me babbling on!

Nat Xxx


  1. Those boots are gorgeouss x

  2. ive wanted that river island purse but in red for agesss, not sure i can justify spending £17 on it though!
    and the blouse is lovely, i must get in there for another look round the sale! great purchases :) xx

  3. Lovley items and your black one shoulder dress is lovely!

  4. Pretty! :)

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  6. E-mail me at! Thanks!



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