Happy October!

Hello all of my 22 followers! Ahh thats crazy... never even thought I would have one.
September went by pretty fast for me.. its four weeks today til my birthday... SCARY stuff. I'm going shopping at Bluewater for the weekend for it... What a surprise right? I'm trying my hardest to save save save... so I can go on a mahooosive shopping spree... But I'm just no good at saving.... :(

I really wanted a navy blue gilet for this weird summer/wintery weather... So I found this gorgeous gilet from Republic and it was only £29.99p. The only thing that annoyed me was that I bought two other things aswell as this in the sale... I put down for it to be delivered on a saturday and it never turned up! So I'm still eagerly awaiting this...

I also got a black, one shouldered dress. I thought it would go with any colour heels, or accessories! I also love the floaty arm..... I'm not sure when I'm going to wear this.. Plus it was only £15.99p reduced from £20.00p!

The last thing from Republic I bought was a Cape Shirt... Its a lovely rust/burnt orange colour with a cute black collar. I think I will probably wear this with skinny jeans and wedges.... Thats if I like it... Normally I see things and just get them because they are in the sale... Its an obsession.... This was also £15.00p... But it seems to have been taken off the website... So I can't put a photo up :( I will put a photo up of me wearing it IF I like it and don't send it back.

H&M online has been so brilliant recently for beachwear. I'm hoping to go to Egypt next year on holiday and have been starting to collect bits and bobs already. I managed to buy a cute bikini for £3.98! Its white with adorable little beads on.. I always struggle to find bikinis when I actually need them, so I kinda grab them when I can.. Especially when they are at that price! (The bikini is white that I got but the only photo I could get was black)

I also bought a cute beach towel for £3.49 which was just crazy and a floaty little cover up dress.. I seriously couldn't believe the prices for all of the bikinis.. Wish I could of bought them all.

I picked up a few goodies while shopping on my lunch break yesterday... Superdrug ALWAYS has amazing deals or special offers, I love there new loyalty card too, you actually get money off unlike Boots.

I've wanted to try the Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner as I have seen this on the telly quite a bit. It was £1.29 which must of been the introductory price. I normally use my salons conditioner but decided to have a change and try this. Its quite thick and smells really lovely. I put quite a fair amount all over my hair and left for a good 3-4 minutes. My hair after felt really soft and actually controlable. I'l give it a week or two and will probably leave it on for a bit longer next time to let it work its magic.

On one of my last blogs I reviewed a Famous lipstick and nail varnish, I bought another one in shade 2 tres chic. Its a light purple shade and is very suttle, like my nail varnish I usually play it safe.. But decided to give this a try. I really like it, maybe not as much as the Pucker up red/orange, which was another shade I got in the Famous range. I've also read recently about Sleek make-up, so decided to try a lipstick which sounded gorgeous- Peaches and Cream, however I was slightly dissapointed, its very very orange, and not at all creamy. I think it looks pretty ridicoulous.. But I could wear it on Halloween if I go to a party dressed as a Pumpkin.. Which won't happen.

I also forgot to put in my last blog about these two pretty notebooks I got for college in Gloucster.. they are 1950 fashion magazine style and were only £2.99 for BOTH. I've done so much writing in them... what a nerd... Thats what my boyfriend called me anyway.

And finally my find of yesterday.. A pair of Stone/Taupe suede wedges.. That I have been looking for for ages. I was just strolling through New Look waiting for my friend to find what she was looking for when I walked past the shoe sale. These beauts were just there, staring at me. The only pair left. In my size. I could of like screamed, this never ever happens. Shoes in the sale are always the size 8-9 that won't ever fit me.. I'm in love with these, they probably would of been better if they were black but I'm really not going to complain and for only £15.00p

About a month ago my best friend took some photos of me with her new camera. They came out really sharp and you could really tell the differance between them to my ipod camera! Here is my mums favourite.. (How cringy)
Last thing.
Why are passport photos so bloody awful?!



  1. I love the gilet and dress!
    Great post :)

    Sarah xx

  2. Great finds!!! And beautiful last photos!

    Passport pictures are a nightmare. I did one today and it looks like im crying!!

  3. I love how you find great things for cheap! I, too, am always on the lookout for a bargain, but I haven't come across anything super spectacular in a while. Love everything :)

  4. love those wedged heels, beautiful x

  5. that one shouldered dress is a steal, and i absolutely love getting new notebooks... it's almost like a weird guilty pleasure!


  6. That one shoulder dress STEAL!!! Its gorgeous!! I must write about u on my fashion blog!
    Following you!

  7. Your hair is gorgeous love! x


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