a teeny tiny clothes haul?!

hello there.

I hadn't been shopping since my birthday since back in November so decided it just had to be done. What with having moved out two months ago, money was the only problem. So since January I had been saving my tips from work and any spare money I had left after all those pesky bills.

Myself and my friend Hazel decided to go to Brighton, which is about an hour away from us. It has such a amazing range of shops and most of them are much bigger then the norm.

I wanted to get lots of summery things, I am SO FED UP of this miserable cold weather. All the shops had the same colour themes going on. Lots of aztec prints going on.

Midi dresses have been very popular already this last winter/spring, but most of the shops I went into they had them all ready for summer. So I decided to be brave and a little daring and bought 3... For me this is very brave as I was unsure if they suited me. You could pair them with some cute dolly shoes for the day time and dress them up with a leather jacket and heels for an evening look. I found all three in New Look for £12.99 each. Plus it was 25% off in store that day! Bargain.

This dress is my favourite out of the three that I bought. I love the peachy/coral colours aswell as the aztec print. I have teamed this with black court shoes and a blazer.

Primark doesn't always have things I like. So I was pleasently surprised when I went in on tuesday. I bought two printed scarfs. One with a leopard print cross pattern and the other a oversized peachy/lavender leopard print on. They are such good value at £3 each.

From Zara I bought a pair of jeans and a top. The jeans were £29.99. I love the ripped effect on them. The top has really differant detailing to what I normally would go for.I am also wearing the super cute peep toe flats which were £8 from Primark. They will go with lots of differant outfits. They are really comfy aswell (Which doesn't always happen with Primark shoes)

I managed to find this dusty pink blazer in the sale section, I have been looking for one for absolutly ages now but I thought at the price of £7 you couldn't really go wrong.

H&M had some really amazing things too! I bought this grey thin jumper perfect for these not so warm days. Its a lovely fit and isn't too thin (if that makes sense) You could wear it with jeans or like I have done with leggings, dolly shoes, scarf and possibly a leather jacket.

This sleeveless denim shirt was a bargain at £14.99. You could either wear it over a dress or just as it is. Or just wear it on its own with leggings and converses/plimsoles like I have done here. These plimsoles were from Primark for £6!! I wanted to buy some vans for ages now, but couldn't justify buying some for £50. I wasn't sure if they were going to suit me either... What do you think?

Waterfall skirts are very much in this season. I bought two. This first one was from River Islands sale. It has a cute black floral pattern and has a lining underneath. I have worn it with a pale pink vest top, my new look denim gilet and the primark tan peep toe shoes.

The other waterfall skirt was from H&M. It has a black and white aztec print. I just changed over the colour of the vest top and changed the belt. I think I will be wearing lots of these this 'summer'.

That was just a few little bits of my quite succsessful shopping trip. If there is anything I haven't mentioned, feel free to ask questions.

As always, thank you very much for reading my going ons..

Nat xxx

Also a big thank you to my boyfriend - Ryan for helping me take all of the lovely photos!


  1. love the clothes! especially the first dress!

  2. Great haul!! :) I like this first dress the most :)
    I just followed you on GFC :)
    Lots of love x x Martha

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