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Hello there!

As I have only written a few blogs I thought about doing a tag. This way maybe some people who read all of my blogs will get to know me a little bit better. I haven't ever done one of these and found it quite fun! Since writing my last two blogs over christmas I have gained a few more followers. Thank you ever so much, it means a lot knowing people read little old me rambling on and on.

So lets get going!
13 tag questions for 2013 

1. What do you order at Starbucks?
I don't very often go to starbucks. In the town where I go to shop they only have a Costa coffee. So I usually have a hazelnut/caramel latte. But back in October from Starbucks I had one of there special Pumpkin Spice Latte. IT WAS AMAZING. I wish all the limited edition flavours they bring out they would keep. SO SO yum!

2. What's one thing in your wardrobe that you cannot live without?
This is a tricky one.. I think possibly my denim jacket/shirt. I can wear it all year round with lots of outfits. In the spring I would layer it over tops. Summer I would wear it as a jacket over my maxi dresses etc. Autumn I would wear it with my favourite colours for that time of year - burgandys purples coppers.Winter I again layer with snoods, tops, skirts etc. 

3. Where is your favourite place?
London! I tend to go about 5x a year. My mum was the one person who made me fall in love with the city. Every time I go there you discover something new - See a new sight - Walk into a new shop
4. Name one thing that you want to do before you die
 Travel more. I know that isn't one thing inparticular, but I would love to go to New York, Australia and Croatia.
5. What's one food that you cannot live without?
Chilli sauce.. The mild one. I know its not really a food. But I literally have it with every meal.., I would have it with my breakfast if I could. (not at all weird) 
6. Where were you born?
Oxford, England. 
7. What is your favourite season/time of the year?
Autumn! Probably because its my birthday in November. But it just generally is a beautiful time of year. Its not cold but not warm, the leaves are all changing colours and christmas is on its way!
8. What's your number one most listened to song on iTunes?
I just looked - Ellie Goulding - Your song. This is news to me, I do like the song. But I often put it on shuffle and i think it must get picked quite a lot. My favourite song at this moment in time is Impossible - James Arthur.
9. Furthest you have been away from home
My holiday to turkey with my boyfriend in May 2012. I loved it!
10. Favorite number
I don't have one. Probably 3 which is strange. I like how things look in three's.
11. Two hobbies
Blogging - Even though I have only been blogging for 6 months or so I find it really interesting reading others. When I find insperation for a blog I get really excited. 
Hairdressing - I always knew I wanted to be a hairdresser. So now that I am I enjoy going to work everyday.
12. Favourite perfume 
I have two. (thats cheating right?) 
Hugo Boss Orange - I was bought this three years ago for christmas. At first I really wasn't sure. But each time I smelt I loved it that bit more. It's a unusual smell but one of my favourites.
Calvin Klein Euphoria - My mum had this when I was about 14 in a little tester pot. I have loved it since then. I only ever wear it on special occasions.
13. Favourite highstreet shop 
Oooooh. Now this is difficult. I will have to pick two.. Topshop and River Island!!! 

Thank you for reading these questions!
If you like why don't you do this tag and let your followers get to know you a little better.



  1. Great idea for a post. :) Totally agree about London, you can randomly turn into a side street and discover something completely amazing.

    1. Oh thank you :) london is a magical place. Thank you for commenting.. Nat xx

  2. My Mum loves Calvin Klein Euphoria so every time I smell it I think of her. It's lovely! Just followed your blog and twitter. Thanks for leaving your twitter name on my blog :) I need new people to follow. Glad you did cause I'm really liking your blog so far.
    Chloe xx

    1. It really is a lovely perfume.. thank you for commenting and following.. love your blog! Im fairly new to twitter too! Nat xx

  3. Hey Nat! You have been nominated for the Gutentag Liebster Award check out this post!

    1. thank you so so much! i will do this post..
      nat xx

  4. Hey, I’m loving your blog! Great post :)
    Im in love with your header.. who made it ?

    Come check me out –
    Much love, Ellie x

    1. hello, thank you so much!
      i made the header.. don't ask me how. it took hours haha :) i will look at your blog!
      nat xx

  5. Hello Natalie, I am a new follower to you and I have nominated you, along with some other girls for the Liebster Award, all the details about what to do is on my blog post here..

  6. Love your posts and your blog just been having a nosey :P its lovely to see someone who has a similar taste yayyy!! yes i agree london is amazing always find new things and cheeky new purchases :) Im now following and will look forward to more posts.

    Love Emily xx

    1. thank you very much. i hope you enjoy reading my future blogs. i am now following you :) xxx


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