liebster award answers

These are my answers for the liebster awards.
I was nominated by Ameila Rosales and Natalie (<<take a look at their blogs)

1. Why did you start your blog?
I started my blog about a year ago now, the reason being I bought a lot of things in the sale and wanted to tell people about it! I don't have a hobby as such, so this was something to do.

2. What is your favorite topic to write about?
Probably clothes. Although now I am moving into my own place, I would like to blog about house things. It may not go down as well as beauty and fashionable things.. (watch this space)

3. Who is your favourite designer?
I am really not into expensive fashion labels. I shop in highstreet shops - Topshop, River Island and Warehouse being my favourites!

4. Where is your favourite travel destination?
I haven't been but the one place I want to go is New York. My favourite holiday destination so far has been Turkey.

5. What is your favorite trend?
Peplum has been my favourite trend of 2012. It is flattering on everybody. Burgandy has also been huge and its a gorgeous colour.

6. What actress would you choose to play you in a movie about your life?
I would choose Anne Hathaway. I think she is an amazing actress and seems really down to earth. She is beautiful!

7. What are your goals with your blog?
I love writing blogs, so I would like to write about lifestyle. It would be nice to do something slightly differant. I think people can relate to lifestyle blogs.
8.What are your new years resolutions for 2013?
I would like to save more money, even if it is only £1 a week. I waste my money on such rubbish. I would also like to start running. I really would..
9. Do you have any pets?
As I live at home my parents have two dogs. A four year old black labrador called Ozzy & a 2 year old german shephard called Pippa. Ryan and I have a bearded dragon together called Dwayne. He is so cute!

10. What is your favourite memory of 2012?
Probably qualifing as a Hairdresser. It seemed to just go on for ages as I had problems with the college I went too. But now I am fully qualified the skys the limit!
11. What advice would you give to a new blogger?
Write things that interest you, not what you think others are interested in. Enjoy it andt ake your time writing. Photos are a brilliant way to show what you are talking about.
Thank you so much to all of my new followers. Never did I think when I started would I have nearly 60 people following and watching my blog! I hope that 2013 brings you what you wish for. 2013 is going to be a big year for me. Time to grow up and be independant :)
2013 make it your year
Love nat


  1. Awww lovely honest answers. Well I, for one, would definitely like to read about interiors and 'housey' things...go for it Natalie :) Thank you so much for nominating me, so sorry I couldn't take part in this, as already nominated elsewhere :) Hope you achieve all that you aim for in 2013 xo

    1. hello maddie, thank you for reading my blog and commenting. Im glad you would like to read about house things. i am now a follower!xxx

  2. i love that you added pictures to these answers! i wish i had thought of that haha so much more interesting to look at

    new follower :)

    1. oh thank you Jenna.
      i will follow you back :) xxx

  3. Really enjoyed reading this post. I like the way you've included pictures as well, makes it really interesting! :) x

  4. Great photos. Love the peplum x

  5. i'm so jealous you have a pet bearded dragon...i've wanted one for so long! your blog is so lovely aswell as your posts and i couldn't help but agree with your 'favourite trend' burgundy is my favourite colour haha, check out my blog x x

  6. Love the pups pic! My Lacy looks like the one on the right!


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