12 Favourite items from 2012

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Looking back at 2012 the last couple of days, I decided I would collect 12 things that were my favourite buys from the year.

1 - Favourite day bag

I bought this bag on my birthday in November in Brighton. It was from Debenhams - Dune. It was in the sale reduced from £80 to £45. I had been looking for that perfect tan bag literally the whole year! It's a great size with lots of differant compartments.
The link below is the closest match I could find the bag :


2 - Favourite Knitted Jumper or Cardigan

My favourite knitted item was my Cardigan from Miss Selfridge. I bought this the week before Christmas. It's lovely and thick, and a great length. Not too long, or too short. It was £39. The photo on the website looks like the colour on the pattern is a burgandy red, its more a purpley red!
This is the link to the same cardigan:

3 - Favourite evening top

This is my favourite evening top from 2012. I bought it in New Look in Brighton back in November. It was £18.99. I love the detail on the collar. The colour seems to go with pretty much anything. Its slightly longer at the back which is really flattering.
Here is a link to a similar top around the same price range :

4 - Favourite Jeans

My favourite jeans from 2012 are my Topshop Leigh Skinny Jeans. I bought these for a party back in September. They featured in one of my previous posts.. They just seem to fit me really well and are so versatile. Here is a link to the closest match I could find as they no longer sell the same ones :

5 - Favourite Dress

My favourite dress from 2012 is a gorgeous blue bodycon midi dress. It's a beautiful navy blue, which isn't a colour I would normally choose. The shoulders have silvery bead detail. It is from River Island. I would usually wear my favourite glittery shoes with it.
I love the way the dress hangs, with it slightly up at the front it allows you to walk a lot easier.

The shoes that go with this dress were from Topshop. 





6 - Favourite item I thought I would never buy

For ages I thought about buying Converses. I thought they were quite expensive for what they were. I am now wearing them more and more! I would love them in the burgandy colour now.

7 - Favourite boots

My favourite boots from 2012 were from Primark. They are black with silver studs on the back. The heel is a good boost to your height. They are so so comfy! I found a simular pair of boots on Asos. -




8 - Favourite coat

My favourite coat from 2012 is my Vera Moda black duffle coat with my faux fur collar. It was £45 and I got it in January. It is so warm and a good length. I think it is a coat that will be timeless.


9 - Favourite day top

This top I got recently from Topshop for a meal out. It's peplum which is really in at the moment. It is in a gorgeous burgandy colour. It was £35 at the time. At the moment on the topshop website it is £18 in the colour navy. Here is the link -[330510|208527]&noOfRefinements=1

10 - Favourite evening bag

This bag from River Island was my favourite in 2012 to use when I went out in the evening. Its a smaller size. It's a beautiful nude/peach colour with gold detail buckles. When I bought it in the summer it was £28. I found one simular on the River Island website now for £25. -

11 - Favourite make up

In 2012 I suffered with bad skin. I tried lots of differant foundations/concealers/powder combinations. I bought and tried a very expensive foundation from Clinique. This made my skin worse. My favourite make up item from 2012 was Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Shade 103 True Ivory. I hope that it continues to work well with my skin! If you haven't tried it! Please do! For £8.99 how can you go wrong?

12 - Favourite skin care

I have already written a blog on my favourite skin care product, which is - Crystal Clear Soothing Cleansing Gel. To read my blog post please click on this link below -
That completes my 12 top items from 2012. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and am looking forward to what fashion and beauty brings for us all in 2013.
Thanks for reading,


  1. Love your boots! And your dress, your right it does hang nicely, nothing worse than when you any walk properly in a tight dress xxx

    1. Thank you! The boots were only £18 from Primark! Happy new year.. Nat xx

  2. Such a sweet post! I love the bag and I love my white converse too, they're so easy to wear! x

    1. awh thank you! i love love love my converses now.. x

  3. love the sparkly shoes angel! and the converse arse such a classic.

    check my blog out lovely xxx

  4. Hi Natalie, that's a great idea, reflecting back on your favourite purchases of the year, I especially love the lace peplum top :) I wonder if you would you be interested in following each other? x

    1. Hello, thank you! I'm glad you liked it. Yes of course I can :) happy new year xx

  5. I love the peplum top, I have it in navy and white but the burgundy is gorgeous!xx

    1. I am really loving anything peplum atm. thank you for commenting. nat xx

  6. love the bag & the peplum top great blog hun x

    1. thank you megan.. will look at your blog :)
      nat xx

  7. gorgeous outfits :)

    love char_beyy xx


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