Hi there stranger.

Apologies again.

I seem to have been away forever! But this time I promise I'l be uploading lots more blogs, and regularly.

Lots of things have been going on recently. I'm currently in the middle of moving into a new house/flat. My little pup that I got back in December is now nearly 7 months old and takes up a lot of my time!

I also have been modelling for my clients new handbag company Cloudberry bags. I would really appreciate if you guys could just go and check it out. They have some beautiful bags and start from as little as £20.

I've decided I will upload once a week. Haven't yet decided what it will involve but I guess it will be a surprise. You may be following me on a photoshoot for the handbag company!!

Hope you are all well.
Have a lovely weekend.

Much love,

Nat xxx

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